It's Jane!

I empower entrepreneurs by equipping them with a strategic brand and marketing techniques to fuel results and higher purpose.

Want to finally know what to say in your newsletter and how to convince people through your communication?

Then you’re ready to leave your mark!

I'm not gonna squeeze you into marketing formats.


I don't like marketing. But I like PURPOSE!

I'm convinced you don't need social media marketing

A true story will stir emotions

Creativity is the most undervalued asset of a human (AKA you be you)


The heroes that came before you

''I found the perfect name for my business thanks to Jane's tips on branding and coaching. Her trust in me and in my dream project motivated me to just go for it! Now my vintage store has been opened.''
"Jane shared interesting insights in our conversation about brand strategy, development, and storytelling. It was just the sort of advice I needed and it will prove quite invaluable."
''Jane knows how to separate bigger issues from the smaller ones. She helps you get the core of your problem or the situation; Why do you do what you do? And WHY do you love to do it? Jane is super creative and helps you with unique branding.''
"Jane has helped me tremendously in setting up my new business. This investment was totally worth it! I'd never thought of every detail myself. I like to develop things well and clearly for myself. Now I have a beautiful brand document. Jane asked me the right questions, which made me look at things in from a different perspective. My business is solid as a rock now! I can now continue my promotional activities independently, all thanks to Jane's input and creative ideas. Jane was what I needed to finally do what makes me really happy. She's a top of the bill and I'd be starting this process again without hesitation!"
"Jane who is the thoughtful leader of Zorro Branding will blow you away with her knowledge, expertise and professional way of conducting business. You literally need 2 minutes with Zorro, I mean🤔, Jane.. to find out that she bursts with passion and will deliver exactly what she promised and even far beyond that. If you are looking for a branding strategist, you definitely need to do yourself a favor and call Zorro Branding. 🙏 Ps: Zorro has got nothing on Jane! "Just sayin"


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