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Bij uitzondering een blog in het Engels. Alvéole werkte graag mee aan het blog. Voor hen ook wel zo fijn om het te kunnen lezen.

Brand story over Alvéole

Back in the days Alex looked forward to every summer. That were times he spent weeks at his uncle, a beekeeper, helping him out with work that needed to be done. I guess you can say the seed for Avéole was planted in those summers…

Avéole is the French word for the cell of a honeycomb. You might suggest this brand has something to do with bees and honey. Well yes, you’re right. Avéole motivates people to become beekeepers in cities in order to feel more in contact with nature and of course for better future for bees. They provide education on how to be a beekeeper and send packages with everything you need to set up and keep your own hive in the city. All based on monthly subscriptions.

Oh how I love Avéole’s ‘why’. It has nothing to do with creating a better environment or saving the bee, yes that’s important but it’s not WHY they do it. It all comes down to the fact they want to let people be connected with nature. Because when a person is, you want to be good for bees, you want to create a healthier city and lifestyle, and you want the world to be better since you can féél it.

Spending money
As for strategic branding and visual branding, Alex – by now you probably know he is one of the co-founders – and his team have spent lots of time and money on their branding. “Maybe a little bit too much in the beginning” he tells me. Whereas the logo is simple – though powerful and clear-, the website needed to be different, it needed to tell a story, a lifestyle, their ‘why’. They invested in video content, shot some beautiful footage and produced their website. At long last it was totally worth their efforts. In no time they found themselves making more and more people enthusiastic about Alvéole.

Alvéole today
Nothing has been the same ever since. They are involved with many people, projects, and companies. A day at the office might look like this:

  • Meeting with a school and educate about a bee hive
  • Meeting with rich business people who want to offer a unique experience to their clients and are very sustainability-minded
  • Meeting with a homeless shelter where they teach the homeless people how to be a beekeeper
  • Meeting with a social good company who wants to have more nature in the city

People just love the idea, and I get why.

Who is being targeted?
When I ask Alex about their main target group, he says there’s none. “But the people who are participators are the ones who feel a need for nature in a city, who want to feel connected and want to do other things than just gardening. So this can be anyone. Although, you might think you have to have a desire to become a beekeeper in order to participate, it’s not true. Becoming a beekeeper is just a means to an end. Eventually all people wanted to create the best micro climate in the city which goes beyond beekeeping.

But bees sting!
Well, they do, but more often they don’t. Many people think bees are aggressive, but they’re no dangerous creatures at all. Alvéole jumped in on this frequently heard prejudgment on bees. They did it in a fun way, because that’s what Alvéole’s brand identity is all about. A fun brand that wants to be unique in what they do. So they produced a naked calendar. Almost the entire team posed naked, dripping in honey or holding hive plates in front of their private parts. Oh and of course lots and lots of bees flying around them to show “we do trust what we’re doing. If we can stand here naked without being stung, you most definitely won’t be stung either.” I think that’s priceless! The calendars were sold many many times. The success made them decide to produce one every year.

A big dream
Alex laughs when I ask him about Alvéole’s dream because it’s ambitious. Well I don’t mind… “Cities would become the outdoor places people go to. We’ve managed to bring nature back into the city, so people can enjoy nature within the city and feel more connected. This of course will result in more healthier cities, cities with different purposes, not only job-related or for work-lifestyle, but also for enjoyment and nature experience.”

Amen to that!

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