How do I stand out (online)?

How do I stand out (online)?

Why I thought I wasn’t distinctive enough (and maybe still aren’t).

It’s a question many entrepreneurs struggle with. How do I stand out among all other entrepreneurs? We often think that paid advertisements are the answer, but that doesn’t always work. 

Why not? Partly because 9 out of 10 times people aren’t waiting for advertisements. I’ll leave it at that. Because what I want to share with you is why I thought I wasn’t distinctive enough (and maybe still aren’t), and why that bothered me. Being distinctive is very important to get the right customers!

Connection comes through personality
Zorro Branding is built on the conviction that a brand with personality can connect with customers much better than a brand without a clear identity. And by identity I don’t mean your logo, website and corporate identity, I mean a distinctive character. Often that personality is formed by the person behind the brand. Especially if you, like me, are self-employed. Then you are the brand. You are one of your USP’s (Unique Selling Points) or UBR’s (Unique Buying Reasons).

Translating identity into communication
The annoying thing was, I knew exactly who I was – this package of talents, qualities and experience can only be found in me – but the translation didn’t work. That’s something completely different. I couldn’t figure out how to show it, especially because I thought of things that distinguished me from others as non-essential to share. Maybe you recognize it; for example, you love calligraphy in your spare time, or you’re an great nature lover and you walk every weekend, or you’re a women’s rights activist next to your own business… They’re just examples that say a lot about your personality, but you don’t tell people about them because you think they’re not business talk.

But it makes us who we are…

People like to get to know the person behind a brand. They know the talks about our services by now. What will make them want to work with you is you.

So instead of separating my love for nature, animals, (and Disney) and my creativity such as dancing, acting and writing from my company, I now show it. Or at least, that’s what I try. I like versatility, different things. I am assertive and a go-getter. And that is reflected in my clients, who are often quite diverse and also have multiple passions.

Personality is a differentiator
Don’t get me wrong, a brand personality is an add-on to your corporate values and any other USPs or UBRs you may have. Those also set you apart. But how can you distinguish yourself as a person if we don’t know who that person is? With all your opinions and interests. As I said, this is also a differentiator.

I’ve been insecure for a long time. Until my mid-twenties. So maybe I was afraid to show the real Jane? Afraid of other people’s opinions. That they wouldn’t take me seriously… … find me weird… …find me annoying because I have a different opinion…

Big deal!

That’s part of it if you want to stand out. Because only then do we find the best matching customers.

And best matches often lead to the best results.

So I try to profile myself better. I don’t do that well in one go. So I have asked for help – because, after all, doing your own job on your own is one of the hardest things  😉 – but I’m on my way. 

Will you join me?

P.S. If you want to know how to create a brand personality, I have a handy step-by-step plan for you with all the ingredients you need.
You can download it here

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