The person behind Zorro Branding

I’ve been fascinated by writing and stories ever since I was a child. Grand fantasies were floating around in my mind – or doll house – some of which I put onto paper.

Films, books and theatre; these media and arts always grasped my attention. It’s no surprise that I started studying International Media & Entertainment Management. With my certificate in my pocket – including a specialisation in content – I felt the need to even gain more knowledge about corporate storytelling. I found this knowledge in the Master Imagineering: designing for meaning and experience. After years of working at several  non-profit organizations, I made the decision it was time to start my own business in order to help people and brands with their personal brand story. My knowledge and expertise in branding and content marketing are my strengths.

I strongly believe that a good brand story and good branding is possible for anyone and any business. And I’m certain that storytelling content is much more powerful than old fashioned marketing. I know for sure I’m able to inspire people to get the most out of their brands – and out of themselves. 

I have many dreams I wish to come true: a better world for people, the planet and animals, for example. But I’d also love to publish a book. I’m working on it! Together, let’s strive for a world in which everybody is equal and has equal opportunities. Just like the Zorro we all know and love.

However, my name is Jane 😉

Is there anyone doesn't know him?

Zorro: the masked man who helps his people to fight injustice and corruption. When he leaves 
his signature “Z”, everybody knows who was there and more importantly:

everybody knows what he stands for.

 Zorro Branding helps you to transform your brand into a story that will be remembered. Your own personal signature, just like Zorro.

What is Zorro Branding about?

It’s my mission to shape your own amazing brand story. Your brand wants to change the world and make it better, just like Zorro, right?
And you, or your organisation, are working on it, but you’re not sure where you’re going? If your marketing is working?
The feeling of your website doesn’t match your mission, your content just OK… or you’re lacking inspiration for an original storytelling campaign.
If this is how you feel… Zorro Branding is your new friend!

I’m specialised in helping businesses tell their story. After a good discussion, we’ll brand map together. Here we’ll find the basics for your strong and unique brand identity, WHY you do what you do, and we’ll determine your UBR; Unique Buying Reason.

This can translate into a personal website, design, and content and campaigns that bring across your message.
Need video content? Zorro helps you with that!

Best of all: It’s in Zorro Branding’s DNA (and experience) to strive towards your goal: a better world.   

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