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storytelling marketing for entrepreneurs and companies with a mission

Send an email NOW for a FREE ‘A to Zorro Call’. We’ll discuss whether you need help on your branding and on what areas of your brand.

Finally it’s there!
A complete branding program to create and develop a brand with a purpose. A brand that tells a story and therefore attracks customers. 

TRANSFORM is my new 3 month-program called.

Develop a good foundation for your brand, a strategy and extend it in your marketing. 

Together with likeminded people, not just online but also in Ghana en Togo.

You're looking for...

coaching on strategic brand development

impactful VIDEO content

influencer marketing

help to create a brand that leaves an impression

You are...

a social entrepreneur or organisation, changemaker or non profit that's mission driven

convinced of the power of stories

Looking for an expert who helps you to create a powerful and recognisable brand story that leaves a signature

The heroes that came before you

Storytelling, a new website or logo, content or just some advice to give a signature to a brand. I’ve had the pleasure to work with these Zorro’s.

''I found the perfect name for my business thanks to Jane's tips on branding and coaching. Her trust in me and in my dream project motivated me to just go for it! Now my vintage store has been opened.''
"Jane shared interesting insights in our conversation about brand strategy, development, and storytelling. It was just the sort of advice I needed and it will prove quite invaluable."
''Jane knows how to separate bigger issues from the smaller ones. She helps you get the core of your problem or the situation; Why do you do what you do? And WHY do you love to do it? Jane is super creative and helps you with unique branding.''
''While I was working on the automated email campaign, I felt the content needed to be different... Some information was supposed to be in there, but it resulted in starting from scratch. At that moment I realised everything I need to compile my texts, is written in my branding document. What a revelation! Now I use it with every step I make.''
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