Zorro Branding can help with...


…for brand development, strategic planning and the perfect brand story.


Do you want to build a brand that leaves a lasting impression?


…for video, text writing and impactful campaigns. 


Do you want to communicate your brand story in a way that it makes and impact and fits your business identity?

Finally it’s there!
A complete branding program to create and develop a brand with a purpose. A brand that tells a story and therefore attracks customers. 

TRANSFORM is my new 3 month-program called.

Develop a good foundation for your brand, a strategy and extend it in your marketing. 

Together with likeminded people, not just online but also in Ghana en Togo.

If you have a smaller budget to work with and you purely desire coaching for development of your strategic brand document, just go for the package BRAND MAPPING – DIY.

*3 months of full access to email with me and brand map together, 6 meetings
*a motivational coaching partner
*tips & tricks for writing your perfect brand document

PACKAGE PRICE 3895 CAD excluding tax

Why strategic branding…
Do you have a clear brand identity? And are you able to use this in a strategic way? Do you know what your unique value is? A strong brand document is your base to answer these questions.

What will we be doing?
When we brand map together I will help you develop a strong brand identity. Because a brand with a good and strong story really leaves an impression. 
For a period of 3 full months we’ll discuss your brand, your company, and how you can position those and what strategy is needed to get your story out to your audience. Together we’ll write your brand document. You’re brand document will contain your vision, values, unique buying reasons (UBR), target group, look&feel, and more. 

Extra extra extra!
With this package you’ll not only develop a strong brand document but you’ll also have unlimited access to my help. I believe you got all it takes to build your brand!

Are you interested? Please contact me by email or contact form.

Your brand story deserves catchy copy that warms the hearts of your (potential) customers. Copy with an impact, but also with a clear message. This could be on the web, a creative text, or a blog post.

*conversation about tone of voice
*writing copy from scratch, rewriting, editing or proof reading
*multiple corrections
*documents with the written blog post, copy, newsletter, etc.

Price depends on your wishes

Writing of content
My greatest passion is to put your unique and special story onto paper. I’d love to help your company with clear communications about your meaningful mission in this world.

What kind of texts?
You are looking for a person who can write convincing copy. A creative text, story or blog that shows your special brand story and convinces your customers. 

Tone of voice
I write straight from the heart, with SEO ratio and your brand identity in my mind. We will discuss your preferred tone of voice in which I will write. In this way I will make sure the written content is real brand storytelling, matching your signature.

Are you interested? Please contact me by email or contact form. 

Are you interested in video marketing? I’m not surprised! It is one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience. The ideal opportunity to bring your story and mission across. 

*preparation and script writing when needed
*filming day(s)
*writing briefing
*deliverable is a video with a maximum length of 2 min (we don’t believe in the impact of longer videos)

Price depends on your wishes 

Why video marketing?
Because video is more powerful then every other media. It’s visual and can provide the viewer with a feeling ánd a story in one. Isn’t that exactly what you want? 

Video storytelling, what now?
It depends on your goal what video storytelling will produce.
Together we’ll determine your goal and what you’d like to communicate. Based on that, we’ll create a storyline and find out what we need to make the video happen. There’s a whole team waiting for it! And let’s not forget your target audience too. 

Are you interested? Please contact me by email or contact form. 

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