Zorro Branding can help with...

Do you have a hard time finding clients? 

But you deeply desire a successful company with an income you want? 


Have you ever thought of hiring someone to help you with this? Because if you’ve dealt with everything yourself so far and it didn’t work, perhaps it’s time to make a change? 

I love to guide you throughout your way to (business) success by using strategic branding ánd your authentic story. 

Selling your services is partly depending on how you position your brand in the market. The other part can be found in really knowing your target audience. I’ll give you the coaching and guidance you need to develop a brand that speaks, lives, and sells. Together we’ll create a brand strategy that feels good and can easily be applied. Let’s brand map together!

You’ve created a business and are very happy with your services. But apparently it’s a bit harder to attract the amount of clients you thought of. You work hard, no doubt, but is it providing you what you want? This has been my situation for a while. I struggled with questions like:

  • How do I find (the right) clients? 
  • How can my business make more money?
  • I’m my only employee, so how can I position a strong brand and thus myself?
  • How do I make an impact?
  • How do I create content of which people will say “Wow, that person knows what she/he is talking about”
  • Do I need to do it all (blogging, vlogging, webinars, workshops, etc.) and HOW?

The only solution for me was asking for help. Exactly, what I’m offering you now. Together we’ll brand map our way through your brand and how you want it to be known. We’ll discuss things like: your motivation, your target audience, your value, your services, your sales, and your marketing.

My approach gives attention to how you FEEL and what you THINK. Sometimes things can look perfect on paper, but if it doesn’t feel right it’s not going to work. I’ll have a big focus on your story and how we can your authentic self to be the reason why people choose to work with you.

This program is 6 months. You have unlimited email access to me besides the 8 sessions by Zoom. After determining your brand and marketing strategy, we’re going to implement is and see if it works. If not, we’ll adjust it. 
After 6 months you’ll know: 

  • How you can position yourself and your brand as an expert
  • How you can use marketing in an effective way that feels good and represents you
  • How you can find your ideal clients
  • How you can earn more

If you are interested, just let me know. We’ll call first. Let’s connect for 30 minutes and see what I can do for you. 


Looking for quick wins for your marketing?

Have a need for someone who gives you structure and a direction for your next steps? 

Then 4 strategy sessions are very helpful.

You are someone who really likes to do everything yourself. And at this very moment it works, but you lost control. There are so many ideas you find interesting, you just forgot where to start. Let me help you and give you some steps you can work with. I’ll look in detail with you at your company and help you in the right direction.  

When you decide to do 4 sessions, I’ll send you an intake form which will be the starting point for our sessions by Zoom, phone or at a location downtown Toronto. 

These sessions are interesting for you if you want answers on the following questions:

– What can I do to be more visible on social media?
– Do I need to make video marketing?
– What kind of content do I need to create and is valuable?
– How do I sell my services?
– How do I find clients?
– Marketing? How?

Interested? Let me know. Let’s connect for 30 minutes by phone first and see what I can do for you. 


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