Leave Your Mark

Marketing can be so frustrating. The necessity of it makes it even more energy draining

And you don’t want to deal with maintaining social media channels, or sending newsletters, or thinking of the next landing page you have to build AT ALL

But you do it anyways, since everybody else is doing it and marketing gurus guarantee you it’s the golden formula to a better business.

I feel you!

This is not why you started a business.

You don’t want to write pushy sales copy.

You don’t want to spend your precious time on marketing.

You don’t want to be clueless about what to tell people on your website, or in your newsletter, or in video, or on social media…
Heck, you don’t even want to use social media at all TBH!

I’ve been there…
Spending hours on Instagram posts, Googling the best performing hashtags, go live, share your entire life online.
For what?
For a couple of likes from your friends? WOOHOO…

You are left feeling horrible. You get annoyed with the people who seem to have it all figured out. Why isn’t this working for you? Why is nobody buying what you have at the ready? So you keep underpricing what you have and end up working for practically nothing. This is not what you expected of being an entrepreneur! And then you burst out into tears (at least, that’s what I did). 

What if I told you it doesn’t have to be this way?

What if there are people interested in your services and they want to pay for it?

What if you can find those people through very effective and fun marketing?

What if I told you, you can actually create authentic copy and content that will help sell your services and give people a good understanding of what you do?

Would you think that is going to give the results you desire? And better yet, deserve?!

Let me help you achieve that

Have it all figured out:

  • What to communicate the rest of the year
  • How to write convincing and helpful copy and content
  • How competition is out of the equation 
  • How to generate more revenue
  • How to create an authentic narrative that will generate true fans

But who am I to help you?

I’m Jane and I help entrepreneurs get better results by making them storytelling masters. 

I’ll teach you everything you need to know about brand and marketing to fuel your results and higher purpose.

I’ve worked for and with several (creative) businesses in the past from content creation to project manager.

Top of the bill

“Jane has helped me tremendously in setting up my new business. This investment was totally worth it! I’d never thought of every detail myself. I like to develop things well and clearly for myself. Now I have a beautiful brand document. Jane asked me the right questions, which made me look at things in from a different perspective. My business is solid as a rock now! I can now continue my promotional activities independently, all thanks to Jane’s input and creative ideas. Jane was what I needed to finally do what makes me really happy. She’s a top of the bill and I’d be starting this process again without hesitation!”


Milou Soeters Fotografie

Finally want to know what to post on social media, say in your newsletter and how to convince people through your communication?

Then you’re ready for the program Leave Your Mark!

What can you expect of the program?

  • You’ll end up with a kick-ass brand with a solid story that will attract true followers (like Zorro) thanks to a very easy template. This will give you a great overview with catchy phrases describing what you do
  • You’ll get clarity on what to communicate, how and when and execute it. And social media doesn’t have to be a part of that!
  • You’ll create at least 3 strategies with worked out tactics and content to find and seal those better paying clients
  • You’ll have an updated website with compelling copy
  • You’ll end up with a clear description of your ideal client
  • You’ll break with your old “I don’t like marketing” attitude and the energy drainage of it. Instead, you’ll find ways to actually enjoy it (SPOILER: it’s all about helping people!)
  • You’ll be given a step by step workbook to keep things tidy and clear (and ready for your next project)
  • You’ll receive 5 modules covering all the brand and marketing techniques that you need
  • You’ll receive cool templates like a Content Calendar template to make sure by the end of the program you’re all set for the rest of the year so you ALWAYS know what to communicate



You’ll expand your network with other like-minded, action taking entrepreneurs of whom you’ll receive support too! All supported by coaching of yours truly!

  • 8x Coaching calls
  • Unlimited email access to me. Ask all your question and get tailored answers


There is a lot going to be covered in just 8 weeks. I’m very mindful of your valuable time but I do ask of you to show up at the calls and follow the workbook. This program requires a certain amount of dedication in order to get the best results possible and make the biggest steps.

Everything that will be provided is for your use only, not meant to be distributed or copied in any way.


The price for this LEAVE YOU MARK program is 297 CAD

Ready to take action?

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