Ready to work on a great brand identity that will distinguish you from everyone else?
Download my roadmap and get going.

Practical tips in an easy to understand road map. Ideal for people who want to create a more professional brand. Make sure to do all 5 steps!


You’re looking to strategically position your brand in the market. You’re ready to let people know why you started your bizz and what good it is for them. You’re ready to convince them to buy from you… you just need the right image, tools and communication. Well… It’s time for branding!

You’ve created a business and are very happy with your services. But apparently it’s a bit harder to attract the clients you want. You work hard, no doubt, but somehow there seems to be missing something. Your business needs a brand. A brand that people can fall in love with. A brand that stands for what you do! A brand that reflects your mission. I get it! Because it makes you able to:

  • Make that impact!
  • Know what kind of helpful content to create
  • Know how to be an expert
  • Stand out in the crowd

During BECOMING ZORRO, we’ll brand map our way through your brand and how you want it to be known. We’ll discuss things like: your motivation, your target audience, your values, and your marketing.

Be aware, that this is the only service that I offer that I actually write and structure your texts with you!

My approach gives attention to how you FEEL and what you THINK. Sometimes things can look perfect on paper, but if it doesn’t feel right it’s not going to work. I’ll have a big focus on your story and your authentic self and even more on the ‘what’s in it for me’ for your client. It’s absolutely not some marketing trick. Heck, I don’t even like marketing!

After three months you’ll: 

  • Have a brand reflecting exactly what you want, visually and verbally! A true customer magnet!
  • Know how you can position yourself and your brand as an expert
  • Know how you can use marketing in an effective way that feels good and represents you
  • Know what type of content you need to make and makes sense
  • Know how you can find your ideal clients

What’s included?

  • unlimited email access to me
  • weekly Zoom meetings
  • a workbook
  • templates
  • useful and handy tools
  • reviewing and editing of all your content

If you are interested, just let me know. We’ll call first. Let’s connect and see what I can do for you.


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