It's time to work while being on vacation

Zorro Branding’s 8 days WORKATION is a place for personal growth, connection, traveling & relaxation without missing a day of work!


During your stay in the Netherlands


From other participants and during masterclasses


By applying what you've learnt, also peronally

About the workation


Growth for your business goes hand in hand with personal development. The moments we are most creative and see new possibilities happen when we do nothing. We relax. 

We learn by connecting and sharing with others. I want to make time for that. YOU want to make time for that. Therefore, I’m offering you this perfectly balanced “workation”.


A workation to the Netherlands will be completely organized by me – Dutch entrepreneur – with a schedule that gives you time to relax, work on your biz, learn, connect, and even play!

This is what you can expect to learn:

  • Unlocking the access to your creative potential
  • Marketing sucks: how to deal with it and use authentic marketing
  • Embrace the real you and get out of your comfort zone

I bear in mind: this is a vacation as well! There will be a balance between work and relaxtion.


A typical day during this workation would look like this:

730 to 830 AM: Breakfast
830 to 930 AM: Me-time
930 to 11 AM: Masterclass
11 to 12 AM: Work on your biz
1230 to 2 PM: Lunch
2 to 6 PM: Activity – Tulip season! Let’s see them!
6 to 8 PM: Dinner time
8 to 10 PM: Deep questions game
10 PM: Bed time/spare time

My workation is designed to experience the Netherlands through the eyes of a local.


Everything (except flights) is included in this 8 days workation!

  • 3 masterclasses
  • 1 mystery guest workshop
  • Learn how to do a Ted Talk
  • Activities, like a visit to Amsterdam and the tulip fields
  • Meals
  • Drinks in our base camp
  • A private room for 7 nights in a house like this
  • And this is probably the best part: we’ll be helping out a good cause as well! Leaving a social footprint! 

DATE: mid April 2020
Location: the Netherlands
Price*: Contact me. The more people, the lower the price! So tell a friend!

Please send me an email if you want more details. Also on extending your stay and traveling to Spain, Italy or Germany for example.

*Flights not included

For whom?

Who can join?

This workation is for business owners with a bizz of at least 1 year old. You identify with:

  • seeing personal growth as one of the basic principles of building and improving a business
  • being an open-minded person
  • finding it important to be mindful about our planet and people
  • seeing opportunities for self development in areas of creativity, business minimalism and speaking
  • wanting to go on vacation 😉
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